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This is the Ajatt-Tools Resources List. With the help of our community we've gathered the links to help you in your Japanese studies. We prioritize libre software and content that you can download for free. Everyone is welcome to suggest more resources in our chat.


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    は、か、を are omitted

    single kana words are elongated

    ですか ending can be omitted

    -ない becomes -へん

  • 来ない けへん
  • 寝ない ねへん
  • しない せへん、せん
  • できない でけへん

    -ねん emphasizer similar to ね、な、よ

    Verbs ending in -る become -ん
    たべる becomes たべるんねん
    Adjectives い+ねん
    can be used with negative へん+ねん for emphasis
    Nounな becomes やねん
    なんだよこれ becomes なんやねんこれ

    だ becomes や
    だろう/でしょう becomes やろ
    だろうね becomes やろな

    じゃない "isn't it" becomes やん (softer than やろ) or ちゃう
    じゃないか becomes やんか

    だったら "if" becomes やったら
    じゃなかったら becomes やなかったら

    だけど becomes やけど

    だっけ becomes やっけ

    ほんとう becomes ほんま

    しまう "finished" しもた/もた (もうた)

    しもた+ねん is しもてん or just もてん

    小さい becomes ちっちゃい

    好き becomes すっき

    やはり/やっぱり becomes やっぱ

    する can be やる
    すんねん or やんねん to do

    って "i heard" becomes just て

    よく becomes よう

    とても becomes めちゃ

    よ can be で

    昼ごはん is just お昼 for lunch

    遠慮しないで becomes 遠慮せんと



    あかん no, no good, no way. also means morally wrong.

    あの人あかんやん that guy's not good
    この本あかんやん this book's not good

    俺これやってるやん You know, I'm doing it


    ちゃう different, nonono (from 違う). also means technically wrong.


    なんでやねん how come, why


    やん used to make listener realize something (聞き手に何かを気づいて欲しい)

    俺これやってるやん You know, I'm doing it

    ねん (affirmative)

    ねん stress your message (固定的な表現で何かを強調したい時に使います) (自分の意見を強調する時)

    大阪ほんまめっちゃすっきやねん I really love Osaka

    へん (negative)

    へん (語幹 verb stem+へん)
    せえへん やらへん won't do, don't do
    ゆわへん won't say, don't say


    right? huh? isn't it? doesn't it? (確認する時付加疑問を使います)

    な、できるやろ See? you can do it

    astonishment, didn't expect that (何か驚いた時に使います)
    make yourself realize vs. やん make others realize

    腹筋割れてるし Wow, you've got a six-pack


    なさる becomes はる (talking about 3rd person)

    To do はる+ます (はります)

    To do はる+です (はるんです)

  • 読む→読みはる
  • 買う→買いはる
  • 飲む→飲みはる
    おおきにありがとうthank you



    Irregular Verbs can come in variants

    来る、こない becomes けえへん・きいひん・こうへん

    する、しない becomes せえへん・しいひん

    -ない becomes -ん
    わからない becomes わからん
    しらない becomes しらん

    なー becomes わー

    だから becomes やから

    いかれます becomes いかはります

    • なんでやねん (どうして) why
    • ほんまかいな (本当なの) really?
      A: 今日、カレー食べてんけどさあ (So, today I ate some curry...)
      B:ほんまかいな! (You don't say!)
      A: お、おう...うそ付いてどうすねん (Um, yeah... why would I be lying!)
    • ほんで (それで) and then?
    • しつこいな you're very persistent!
    • せやろ (そうでしょ / だよね) isn't that right?
      A: その服、ええな (That's a nice outfit)
      せやろ?ママに買ってもろてん (Isn't it? My mom bought it for me)
    • ええな that's nice
    • おもろい (面白い) interesting


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